Why Is Global Warming Increasing Nowadays?

Global Warming

A polar bear stranded on a melting iceberg due to global warming.
Global Warming

Global warming is the gradually increasing temperature and effect on the environment which damages the seasonal effects. Global warming in the sense of changing environmental behaviour as it is combined with pollution.

There are many reasons for increasing global warming in the world.

Due to pollution

Pollution is the main reason for changing environmental behavior which affects human life. There are many kinds of pollution in the world but however, but pollution must be controlled by humans only other than no one can control pollution.

Air Pollution is also affecting global warming which leads to damage and difficulty to control global warming since it is generated from 2 years onwards. Be the proper usage of things and control using air pollutant materials that we are using every day or daily.

Be the right person to save the environment and live without any harmful effects. Humans can control everything but they have to prepare for planning to live without any damage to nature or the environment.

Water pollution is also a main cause of global warming Global warming can control and manage by saving trees and plants and using water as needed.

Water pollution can be controlled by using water limitedly when we need it and when we use it. Be the first person to save nature and save many lives on the earth.

When we save nature’s life then nature will save human life that is what nature or gods bless.

Praying gods to bless every day will increase and change human life when they think positively at every time including they have to think and apply practically. Any pollution in the world will be changes the environment and human mind power.

Due to plastic usage and burning

Plastic usage was very high nowadays and also using plastic things and burning them continuously will increase global warming. So, we have to reduce plastic usage and save nature.

Plastic was made from various chemicals plastic was hazardous to human health and may persist in infections and inflammation.

Avoid plastic usage as much as possible because it will increase global warming. Globally it was plastic usage was reduced but global warming will increase every day, so to avoid plastic usage and save nature.

Using plastic every day will increase health issues and problems and may have uncomfortable living in life.

Be the first in front saving nature and have good positive thinking to save the environment.

Due to Carbon dioxide

Nowadays vehicles are increasing every day every second so air pollution also increases globally. Carbon dioxide was a toxic one that leads to damage environmental and human lives.

Releasing carbon dioxide every day will damage the atmosphere and will cause global warming. CO2 increases and the earth’s power decreases every day.

Climate change due to plastic usage band carbon dioxide and we have to reduce global warming as per the environment’s demands.

CO2 will also cause human health problems and have a bad atmosphere in the world. There are a lot of health problems including asthma, heart problems, headaches, and others.

Due to cutting trees and plants

Cutting trees and plants will increase weather problems including global warming. Cutting trees will destroy human life and the earth’s ability.

Cutting trees will decrease forest area and animals will attack humans due to hungry of animals. It will also have disturbances of good air in the atmosphere.

Cutting trees will increase deforestation and have many causes in the world. It will also increase pollution and other facts.

Due to Irresponsibility

However, we have to maintain the climate as a friend without any damage to the environment.

We have some responsibility to save nature and have a lot of good effects in life. Save the plants and trees as much as possible and avoid destroying trees and plants.

In the world, every citizen has their own responsibility to avoid destroying forests and control irregular work with trees and plants. Keep good habits such as saving and growing new plants and trees so you can live happily in life.

Be the first people to save and has good thinking capacity in the field of keeping the world greenery and good natural power.

Keep your house and surroundings clean and neat with greenery plants and has good positive thinking.

Due to climate change

Climate change because by environmental effects due to temperature variations all over the world. Climate change depends on human interaction with nature because some causes will occur is as deforestation.

Climate change will depend on nature and human behaviour because of some of the improper maintenance of cleaning and usage of plastic things. When plastic usage was very high then it will cause global warming.

The climate will change depending on the weather conditions and pollution in the environment. The climate will remain the same when the weather conditions will normal to the standard weather conditions.

Please be sure we are not disturbing the weather or environment because some of the unknown things will gather with nature and will cause weather disturbances and global warming will increase gradually.

Due to improper cleaning and neat

As we all know cleaning is very important than everyday work because when the surroundings have very clean and neat then it will change human life and weather conditions will remain normal.

Be the first person in the field of cleaning and neatness because cleaning will give you good health in life. When we maintain cleaning every day then our minds will change to the positivity thinking.

Overall our intention was to keep our surroundings very clean and neat then our life will change gradually.

However, we have to be good people when we think about the weather and global warming and we have to try to make global warming zero or nil.

Global warming is hazardous or dangerous to the world it will cause changes in weather seasons and it is toxic to humans.


Finally, what we say means to be friendly with nature then it will save our life and try to make our surroundings very clean and neat.